by Alicia Adkins

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released June 20, 2015

Jack K. Reid - Executive Producer
Mandeep Singh - Recording Engineer
Studio Octave - Dehradun, India
Bhuwan Chandra - Sitar
Shivananda Sharma - Tabla
Shivratri Giri - Indian flute
Sarah-Alexandra Teodorescu - Cover Art Photographer

Special Thanks:
In Honor of my mother Brenda Adkins and grandmothers Deloris Nilson and Melvaline Lane



all rights reserved


Alicia Adkins

Alicia Adkins is a country and folk singer/songwriter from outside of Austin, TX. With a voice "as sweet as honey," Alicia's lived and played in much of the world. She is releasing two EPs June 20, 2015 - one from India and one from Australia.

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Track Name: Come and See

In the children playing high up on the hill
fighting for their daily thrill
i can see a younger me
running wild and carefree

In that old man walking down the road
burdened by his heavy load
i can me taking every chance
to break into dance

I've been seeing things
I just can't explain
some might like to call me insane
but if you'd like to know just how you might start
open the eyes of your heart

In those two white doves high above
i see uncondtional love
and in the blowing of the winds
i see my long lost friends

In the falling of the rain
i see the promise again
that i'll never be alone
even when i'm on my own


Cause there's so much to see
when you love boundlessly
and there's so much to know
when you let go, let go, Come and See

In that mountain over there
I see myself naked and bare
and as i break into tears
everything around me disappears.

in the darkest hour of the night
i see the brightest light
i see what I need most
Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost



Come and See
Track Name: Satsang Hall
At the edge of town there's a garden falling down
you'll find you know and the price you must pay
An old man lets you in straight into the den
he opens the gate behind the sweet new bait

You hear the sirens call
you don't know when or where you'll fall
you hear in your soul long lost rock and roll

All you need is love
all you take is love
all you give is love
so fly away dove.

The walls begin to fill
with the colors and paints
of the ones before you
butterflies and saints

and the gods are calling you to dance
in sweet romance
slowly even time
becomes rhythm and rhyme

now the mother calls you in
as she's done again and again
as you feel the water fall
you let go of it all


As you let the river flow
you begin to know
i'm not trying to be or do
i'm just flying through

and the garden within you
grows in the morning dew
as you answer the call of Satsang Hall (x2)


Fly away dove (x)
Track Name: Lavender and Love
We never made it out this far
but to the edges i'll comb
because i've been thinking that wherever you are
is where i'll call home

the days are passing like morning rain
pouring straight into hell
fresh and clean is this old wound's pain
and the sweetest smell

Lavender and love
and all things from above
I live and laugh to tell
I've been feeling swell (CHORUS)

I heard a story about an old man
who went and lost his mind
out searchiing in this fragrant land
wondering what i'll find

''Cause I've been trying to forgot why I came
find something new
but things been looking all the same
reminding me of you


You can see I'm higher than a kite
flying through the days
I can't tell am I wrong or right
is that you in the haze
So go ahead and try and pull me down
I'll keep passing the hours
here in this valley of flowers

Track Name: Run to the Mountains
Somewhere in the dark the phone rang
as I tried to go back to sleep again
you said honey it's time for you to go
and i said i know honey i know

I knew we'd cross that bridge when we got there
and the pain would be too much to bear
so i promised i'd never look back
because that just makes everything turn black

You said, let's run to the mountains
stay in bed a while
let's see what happens
and if i can make you smile
stay a while

So I packed my things quietly
so you wouldn't hear me leave
and all i left behind was a note
sorry, all i wrote

I heard you running to meet me
as that driver shut the taxi door
and I listed so intently
as I heard your voice once once more


Even though I knew I had to go
for if i stayed we'd never know
the ghosts that would haunt me i would find
were your words in the back of my mind

So I crossed that bridge when i got there
and only mountains i could see
so i beg you if you dare
come out of this valley with me

Track Name: The Greatest Love
Dark and brooding his body was dense,
his body was filled with a great sadness,
like the sky when it's about to rain.

Head heavy he was tired all the time,
lost his voice a weakened whine,
doubled over in pain,
His eyes fell down his movement stopped,
Head was spinning, dark more often than not.
began to weep and moan.

Body shaking another one of his fits
getting harder the older he gets
Feeling suddenly alone.

Take me now, let me go, let me fly
So I'll know the greatest love the greatest light.

Wide eyed and grinning she would finally fall
all was lost as she gave her all
as she let go of the shame
of all the things she had failed to get done
of all the wars she had fought and won
she forgot her name

In the night she called to St. John
she cried for mercy, asked, what have I done?
Show me the light of day.

Covered in ash all her lives were lost,
said, I'll follow no matter the cost,
still, she felt thrown away.


So as I've moving on down the road
Secret locked can't decipher the code
Still looking for a key

Remember mother her sweet caress
taste the bitter upon the breast
cry passionately


Take me now, let me fly, so I'll know the greatest love, the greatest light
Track Name: Namaste
In the night it grows so cold up in the mountains
in the darkest sky the stars are my best friends
with the coming of the light i feel the warming
of the one for whom my soul my body bends.

With the sun i raise my hands to feel the glory
and i bow to let go of what might have been
and i take a step back to see within me
and gently raise my head and heart again

Breath in, Breathe out again.
Greet each day with Namaste (CHORUS)

As the sun gets high it becomes so heavy
it beats me down so i can barely breathe
it illuminates the depths within me
this tangled web i weave

And so I slowly make my way down to the water
and as the children laugh and play it all makes sense
I let the river the flow cool within me
give into love and innocence.


So I look back on each day and all it's pleasures
all its pain and all the places i have been
I dance in joy and rain the strongest warrior
for I'll live and love again

And you'll find me somewhere down in a valley
with a man in a cave who's old and wise
and I can tell you that I will live forever,
for love never dies.


Track Name: Mangala Prarthana


 Swasthi prajabhyah


Nyayena margena mahi mahishaha


shubhamastu nityam

Lokaasamastha sukhino bhavanthu

English Translation:

May all be well with mankind

May the leaders of the earth protect in every way by keeping to the right path

May there be goodness for those who know the earth to be sacred

May all the worlds be happy