My Hometown

by Alicia Adkins

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Been hanging around my hometown feels like nothing here could ever get me down Mama in the kitchen, Papa out back still have me doing dishes, putting them on the drying rack Now I've spent many years out on the road always carried a heavy heavy load but as i stroll down old main street i feel so light on my feet Cause there's something about this old place that puts a smile on my face Friday nights out watching football no strange stares when i yell howdy y'all Grandma's hat on the front pew and all these memories of you riding around in your old pickup truck reminds me how life is making more than making the buck years back i headed out on my own to stand on my own two feet, prove i was good as grown but this old heart never got out of second gear she looked around said think i'll stay right here now as i head on out to the edge of town she tugs at me says honey turn around CHORUS Now I'm home thinking how fast I ran away wondering if i could do it again someday now if you stop me at that old screen door i promise honey i won't run no more CHORUS
I gave a man my heart, cause I thought we'd never part, I was the best he'd ever known, but in other fields his seed he still sewn. So, I love 'em and I leave 'em, that's the way it's gotta be, I got plenty cause to believe 'em, when they say it's not you it's me (CHORUS) So I found a man that pleased my eyes and I thought my beauty he'd recognize but he'd always turn out the light and when i'd press on he'd pick a fight. CHORUS So I found a man across the river I thought he'd be the one to deliver 'cause he was a man of God but it's his song he wanted me to laude. CHORUS So If you feel the need to philander or about me you're just not sure or if you wanna act all high and mighty please don't take this personally. CHORUS
White sheets, comfy bed this sure beats where i've been laying my head A fresh clean towel, the smell of home coooking how'd you know i's feeling lean and sour I don't need much these days I don't need much anymore if you just give me three days i'll be out your door What a view of downtown well i can't help but watch the pretty people go round and round shiny shoes that they wear well i can't help but wish i had one nice pair Well I don't need much these days I don't need much anymore if you just give me two days i'll be out your door Black coffee in my hand somehow i knew you'd understand for i used to take it milky and sweet but things have changed since i can't wash this dirt off my feet Well I don't need much these days I don't need much anymore If you just give me one more day I'll be out your door The green, green grass of home is calling me how can i thank you for your generosity? It's only now I know how time can fly I'll have to repay oyu in that sweet by and by Well I don't need much these days I don't need much anymore If you just let me be on my way I'll be out your door You say you don't need much these days you don't need much anymore but you need to give me a few more days because that's what friends are for, that's what friends are for.
I've been a-sneakin' and a-schemin' just trying to pull you in I've been flrty getting purty so you'll wanna see me again so sweet and sticky honey come on let's have some fun I didn't mean to scare you off or make you run I can't stand this heartbreak. So tell me what's it gonna take - even if it takes a bit of booze, I gotta have you honey, I got nothing to lose (CHORUS) So I've been a-searchin' and a-spyin' for something we could do. I've been fishin' and a-huntin' only hobbies you like too. I've been runnin' and a-playin' with all of our old friends. I've been whikesperin' they've been listenin' bout a love that never ends. CHORUS I heard you like a whiskey ginger with a bit of lime So go on and take it honey come over with me you'll be just fine you'll be all mine, all mine. (REFRAIN) So I've been hanging and lounging at the places you like to go because if you see me honey I know you can't say no. You said you felt nothing but you had to say goodbye. but how could there be nothing with me myself and I CHORUS REFRAIN
Somehow I knew right from the start the best of you would break my heart a love so strong it tore me in two honey, i know it torments you But we've walked so far hand in hand we're no closer to the promised land still both searching for the light honey, all we've learned is how to fight So our time has come, old friend, to find a way to say the end. No matter how or where we've been, I have faith that we'll meet again. Where I'm going, I don't know. I think I'll fly where th wind will flow, seek out wisdom like a honeybee, honey, don't you worry a bit about me. Because something has bloomed since I met you, honey, , I know you've seen it too. So much pain has passed since then, still, in a heartbeat I'd do it again. CHORUS I'll always have faith in you, honey, i hope you'll find it too. We're both just trying to get along but we need to sing our sweet, sweet song So please don't shed a single tear, I'm letting go of each and every fear. I hope in time you'll recognize, the greatest love comes in goodbyes. CHORUS


My Hometown

Pete Fidler - Dobro and Banjo
Josh Bridges - Bass Guitar
Jo Ferguson - Recording Engineer
Decibels Studio - Melbourne, Australia
Brenda Adkins - Cover Art Photographer


released June 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Alicia Adkins

Alicia Adkins is a country and folk singer/songwriter from outside of Austin, TX. With a voice "as sweet as honey," Alicia's lived and played in much of the world. She is releasing two EPs June 20, 2015 - one from India and one from Australia.

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